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About This Website

2016-4-20 14:09| 发布者: admin| 查看: 1036| 评论: 0

摘要: About Us

This website was founded in September 2015 and launched officially on March 25, 2016, coinciding with the jubilant Norooz of Iranian Year.

This Website is, at present, a non-profitable, professional and research-oriented one,aiming to provide a professional platform for Iranian art connoisseurs and (or)amateurs to understand and appreciate Iranian art in China, even in the Chinese-speaking world. Meanwhile, it also provides a platform of display, publicity,discussion forum for all Muslim artists and professional researchers in both China and Iran. Any website visitor can not only know about the latest works of Muslim artists in both China and Iran, but also understand the recent development of Muslim art in China and Iran, including painting exhibitions, academic conferences and other artistic activities. Additionally, this website pays more attention to providing researcharticles, books and other writings so that any visitor can have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the charm and essence of Iranian Art.


This website focuses on the Iranian visual arts, from the ancient Elam era to the present time, covering the different forms of arts, including the architectures(religious onesroyal palaces and civil buildings,etc.), sculptures (stone carvings, rockembosses, bas-reliefs, etc.), fine arts (miniatos, oil painting, animal skin painting,etc.), hand-made carpets (ground and tablo farsh.etc.), ceramics(pottery, kashi), metalworks (gold and silver wares, etc.), lacquersminakaris, khatamkaris, coins(gold, silver and commemorative coin),etc.


The owner of this website, Prof. Wang Zezhuang (1969), a scholar of Iranology from China, is currently doing researches on the ideological change in general, and the intellectuals since the Mushruteh in particular. He has published a book titled A Study of Ali Shariati’s Thought and the trans lation of The History of Iranian Art (authored by Dr.Habibollah Ayatolahi). In his spare time, he loves collecting the coinsalong the Silk Road countries and the Iranian arts.


Any suggestions, comments, questions or submissions from this website visitor will be highly appreciated at the following emails:

1.1877079267@qq.com, the art supervisor-in-chief of this website, Ms. Wang Qian from China.

2. atajallayer@hotmail.com, the staff member of this website, Mr. Ataollah Jallayer from Iran.

3. wangzezhuang@126.comthe owner of this website, Prof. Wang Zezhuang from China

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